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I am a senior UX and product design contractor with 12 years of experience in fortune 500 companies, government departments, universities and startups.


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Design Process

Diagram of the user-centered design process Diagram of the user-centered design process
An idealised, high-level view of the user-centered design process.

Philip is a deep thinker with a knack for turning ideas into action. He gets into the detail while keeping an eye on the big picture.

Working with our clients Philip has been a safe pair of hands who tackles challenges head-on with a positive attitude. Would hire again in a heartbeat.

Matt Gibson, Chief Commercial Officer, Cyber-Duck CACI


My approach

I’m a strong advocate for the value of user-centered design, AKA Design Thinking, and the benefits it brings to users and businesses.

Ensuring that products and services are equitable, accessible, understandable, intuitive and useful is the cornerstone of good business practices.

I am able to articulate design decisions to stakeholders at all levels to drive consensus.

What I do

I work with stakeholders to understand complex business needs and technical requirements. Plan research to understand the needs of users.

I synthesise research to form testable designs for innovative information structures and interfaces that meet the needs of both the users and the business.

I work in multidisciplinary teams to craft user-validated software with demonstrable ROI.

Challenges I enjoy

Finding the happy path between conflicting priorities, as often happens in large projects with varied users and stakeholder groups.

Testing a prototype with users to prove design effectiveness and uncover that ‘aha’ moment where previously unconsidered approaches are revealed.

Working out how to recruit niche, hard-to-reach participants and get the most out of them.

Philip's mentorship was truly helpful. He brought a calm demeanour and attentive listening, offering insights tailored directly to my situation.

His creative mindset and problem-solving approach introduced fresh perspectives and new ideas that addressed my issues in innovative ways. I left with some actionable strategies and a renewed sense of motivation.

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